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My book, “Make Dementia Your B*tch!” is now available on Amazon!

Click here to get your copy!

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  1. Hi Rita!
    My name is Maria , I am a Respite caregiver.
    Live in Cambridge Ontario Canada.
    Words cannot describe how much I LOVE YOUR PODCAST!
    I have learned more from your podcast than in College. You are all about the truth ,less theory. Searching for the right podcast on dementia was painful and boring. I was close in giving up and decided to try one more search, and Make Dementia Your Bitch popped up. Love the title ! All about the real truth in English! Your personality is great!
    As I stated earlier, can’t think of the words to describe my happiness in finding you.
    I hope that you receive trillions of subscribers,
    You are AWESOME!!

    Your #1 Fan in Ontario, Canada

  2. I absolutely love your podcast. It has helped me be a better care giver to my Aunt. Question for you that others might want to see. My father is moving out of state which is my Aunt brother. She is very attached to him and he is the only living sibling left. How do I tell her what is happening. Her dementia is at the mild stage and if she doesn’t see him at least once a week she begins to worry about him.

    1. Great question. I’ve been thinking about some approaches. I have a live webinar on Monday, Oct 3 at 6 pm central time. The link info is under the “webinar” tab on this site. Let’s discuss there!

  3. Rita… I am so glad I was turned on to your podcast. It has been so helpful in helping me understand what my 83 year old mother is going through with this disease. I have learned how I need to make changes . SO THANK YOU!!

    1. You are so welcome! Please share the podcast with your friends and family so that others can benefit, too. Thank you for posting the feedback!!

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