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Episode 56: Sexual Behavior and Dementia Make Dementia Your B*tch!

In this episode, I want to address a topic that can be uncomfortable: sexual behavior in people living with dementia. Sometimes, an aging parent with dementia may make overtures to an adult child of the opposite gender. I explain how this is a case of "mistaken identity" and how to prevent it. There are times when the person living with dementia wants sexual activity, but the spouse, for a variety of reasons, cannot connect in that way. Learn how to meet that spouse's need for loving touch without involving sexual activity. Persons living with bvFTD present extremely challenging sexual behavior–and meds are not the answer. Free VIRTUAL dementia education and support session, Monday August 8 at 6 pm central time: Other resources: New! 5 Ways to help People living with dementia who refuse help: Have a question? Want more information about my programs? Email me: Interested in my book? Get your free preview here: You can also leave questions here: #alzheimers #lewy body #frontotemporal #vascular #Parkinsons  #dementia #caregiving #care refusal  #dementiabitch #decision-making #decisional capacity #sexual — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message:
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