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Episode 74: Avoiding Arguments and Knowing When to Step In Make Dementia Your B*tch!

Join me for a replay of March 6's webinar, "Four Ways to Avoid Arguing with a Person Living with Dementia." During the second half of the podcast, I answer a question posed by a listener regarding when to step in and provide more care without overdoing it.  Make Dementia Your B*tch podcast has been selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 25 Dementia Podcasts for 2023—check it out: Free VIRTUAL dementia education and support session calendar: Other resources: New! 5 Ways to help People living with dementia who refuse help: Have a question? Want more information about my programs? Email Interested in my book? Get your free preview here: You can also leave questions here: #frontotemporal #dementia #behaviors #alzheimers #dementia #caregiving #behaviors  #dementiabitch #Lewy body #Parkinsons #vascular #care refusals   #conflict #arguments — Send in a voice message:
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