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My book, “Make Dementia Your B*tch!” is now available on Amazon!

Click here to get your copy!

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  1. Hi Rita!
    My name is Maria , I am a Respite caregiver.
    Live in Cambridge Ontario Canada.
    Words cannot describe how much I LOVE YOUR PODCAST!
    I have learned more from your podcast than in College. You are all about the truth ,less theory. Searching for the right podcast on dementia was painful and boring. I was close in giving up and decided to try one more search, and Make Dementia Your Bitch popped up. Love the title ! All about the real truth in English! Your personality is great!
    As I stated earlier, can’t think of the words to describe my happiness in finding you.
    I hope that you receive trillions of subscribers,
    You are AWESOME!!

    Your #1 Fan in Ontario, Canada

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