About This Blog

I created this blog in late August, 2017 to help formal and family caregivers find useful information about dementia and dementia-related behaviors. We so-called experts can’t even agree on the best terminology for repeated questions, refusals, wandering, etc. First, it was “disruptive behavior.” Then, we called these behaviors “Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia.” While attending the Gerontological Society of America Conference in 2016, I heard a researcher use, “Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Distress.” BINGO!

The blog is growing and getting better every day! Thank you all for your patience as I assembled the current selection of posts. At the same time, please contact me (DementiaCentric@gmail.com)  with questions and ideas for stuff that you would like seen here. The information here comes from my own relationship with dementia: my research experiences, my clinical experiences, my own personal experience as a family caregiver, and from the lectures and presentations that I develop and deliver to people all over the United States.

To all family and formal caregivers: YOU ROCK!!! LET’S LEARN AND WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE DEMENTIA OUR B*TCH!