Caregiver upset about person with dementia able to remember some items and forgetting other information.

Do People with Dementia Remember What They Want to Remember?

Caregivers find selective memory difficult and frustrating with people with dementia. This blog provides insight and help.

Dementia is an umbrella word for progressive memory loss. Other dementias include Alzheimer's, Lewy Body, vascular, and fronto-temporal.

Meet the Dementias: Start Here

Many people confuse dementia with Alzheimer's Disease. A person with Alzheimer's has dementia. A person with dementia does not always have Alzheimer's Disease.

Brain shrinkage happens in dementia and is the root cause for many of the problematic behaviors.

The “Why” Behind the “What:” Shrinking Brain and Memory Loss

I explain how the shrinking brain causes many of the repetitive questions and behaviors that caregivers find frustrating.

Alzheimer's and other dementias causes compartments in the brain to break down, mixing up the memories.

The “Why” Behind the “What:” Mixed-up Memories

Avoid quizzing the person with dementia. Logic does not work. Arguing does not work.