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Making Holidays and Traditions Dementia-Friendly

Holidays can be wonderful, exhausting, amazing, and problematic all at the same time. Add being a dementia caregiver, and things get complicated! This year may be worse, because many families could not spend time together thanks to last winter’s coronavirus surge! In this blog, I offer simple tips to make any holiday–especially this Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Yule, and Christmas–dementia friendly ( and keep you from wanting to strangle any ‘helpful’ family members!).

Dementia & Returning to Summer Fun

After being on lockdown, everyone wants to get out, visit family, and enjoy summer events. Social interaction is healthy for both caregivers (who often feel isolated) and for persons living with dementia. Here are some tips for making these events enjoyable for persons with dementia and their carers!

Halloween and Dementia: 4 Helpful Tips

Halloween marks the beginning of the fall and winter holidays. I will be posting more content about holidays and dementia. Here are some simple ideas and tips for CarePartners to  have a safe and sane (ok, as sane as possible) holiday.

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