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10 Strategies for Handling Care Refusals in the Moment

help for refusals dementia

10 ways to get around “no” and “I already did that”!

Placement Does Not Reduce Caregiver Burden

Caregivers of persons with dementia soon discover that placement does not reduce caregiver burden. Placement rearranges the challenges. Families and friends, however, mistakenly assume that once placement happens, caregiver responsibility magically dissolves away. Their assumptions often magnify the guilt and angst already flowing through the caregiver. Dealing with Guilt “Promise […]

The 10 Commandments of Frontal Temporal Dementia Caregiving: 10 Things a Person with behavioral FTD Wants You to Know and Do!

Friends and family feel awkward around people with FTD. This post provides concrete helpful ways to positively interact with persons with FTD.

What causes delirium in people with dementia?

People with dementia are at great risk for delirium, which is a sudden uptick in confusion and other behaviors.

Helpful Hints for Handling Refusals: Bathing

Learn how to get a person with Alzheimer’s dementia to shower or bathe. I provide helpful bathing strategies in this blog.

Difference between hallucinations, illusions, and delusions?

optical illusion

An illusion is something that can be misinterpreted by your vision or or hearing. Hallucinations, on the other hand, involve hearing, seeing, or feeling something that is not there. Delusions are false beliefs usually arising from fears.

10 Commandments of Dementia Caregiving

family caregiving

The 10 Commandments of Dementia Caregiving

4 Ways to NICELY Take Away the Car Keys

The worst thing you can do (in most cases) is to hold a “family meeting” and explain to mom or dad why everyone wants them to stop driving. If the person with dementia is unaware of their memory problems and driving issues, this approach will get you nowhere!

Driving and Dementia: Should You Take Away the Keys?

Nearly everyone struggles with whether or not a person with dementia should be driving. This blog tackles some of the issues.

When Is It OK to Stop Medications for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

In today’s post, I am going to answer a question that I receive many times a week: When is it OK to stop two common medications, Aricept (donepezil) and Namenda (memantine) for people with Alzheimer’s Disease? The short answer: these medications are designed to slow down the nerve damage from […]

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