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Sun Downing: Distress Message from People Living with Dementia

Sun downing–a period of seemingly increased confusion and agitation that may occur in the afternoon/evening but can occur at any time–is a behavioral symptom of distress. Sun downing, like many dementia-related behaviors, is treated like “just one of those things.” Like an inevitable behavior that caregivers just have to put […]

What to Do When People with Dementia Refuse Help and Care (Part 2 of Care Refusals)

In last week’s blog, I explained why people living with dementia refuse care. In this week’s blog, I explain what to do about it. Read on for strategies that you can use immediately to prevent care-refusal behavior and  strategies to help you manage care-refusal behavior as soon as it happens.

Dementia & Poop: How to Avoid Accidents and Stop Smearing

Warning: This is a graphic topic. Learning and Procedural Memory Today, I received a call from a good friend who was very upset. She is caring for her father and he is smearing his poop all over the bathroom. Towels, walls, any surface within reach. He is leaving the bathroom […]

Good Enough Caregiving (Avoiding Perfectacrastination)

Some caregivers of persons living with dementia get into the “perfectacrastination” trap. They are waiting until the “perfect time” before taking action. Maybe it is time to take away the car keys. Or it is time to move mom out of her house into an assisted living apartment. Or time […]

Managing Dementia in Acute and Long-Term Care Settings

Back by popular demand, the informative episode Managing Dementia in Acute and Long-term Care Settings will re-air this Friday (November 1st) at Noon, CST. Join Dr. Rita Jablonski and host Dr. Tracie White, as they discuss how to improve the hospital experience for people with dementia. Dr. Jablonski will also […]

How to Deal with Sundowning: Myths and Management

care conversations between partner and person living with dementia

Sundowning refers to behaviors seen in persons with dementia that usually occur at the end of the day.  Many clinicians and caregivers/care partners seem resigned that this will simply happen and that there is nothing that can be done to prevent or manage it. Which is why I hate the […]

Can Constipation Kill a Person with Alzheimer’s Dementia?

Learn how to prevent constipation in persons with Alzheimer’s dementia and the warning signs that constipation is becoming dangerous.

Dementia and Disasters…What May Happen and How to Handle the Behavior(s)

Formal and family caregivers of persons with dementia are dealing with the realities of Hurricane Harvey right now. As if their jobs were not difficult enough.

How It All Began: Ponies, Dementia, and Brushing Teeth

Helping a person with dementia brush his or her teeth requires extra skills to avoid the dreated “NO!” and other refusal behavior.

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