Caregiver upset about person with dementia able to remember some items and forgetting other information.

Do People with Dementia Remember What They Want to Remember?

Caregivers find selective memory difficult and frustrating with people with dementia. This blog provides insight and help.


Why People with Dementia Say No (And What to Do About it)

People with dementia say “NO” to nearly every question or request. This is an incredible challenge for caregivers. In this blog, I explain one reason for the non-stop no’s…and offer strategies for preventing and managing the negativity. Patterns of Memory Loss and Retrieval Problems All dementias share this same common feature: moving backwards in time.…

Alzheimer's and other dementias causes compartments in the brain to break down, mixing up the memories.

The “Why” Behind the “What:” Mixed-up Memories

Avoid quizzing the person with dementia. Logic does not work. Arguing does not work.