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10 Tested Ways to Avoid Care Refusals

Alzheimers Lewy Body refusing care strategies

You can prevent care refusals by allowing as much self-care as possible and treating the person with dementia like an adult.

Decision-Making & Dementia: Dimmer versus Switch

When Mrs. Q’s opinions differed from that of her granddaughter, the granddaughter quickly used the dementia diagnosis to ignore Mrs. Q’s choices. When Mrs. Q’s choices and opinions mirrored those of the granddaughter, the granddaughter believed that Mrs. Q had the capacity to make a decision. This isn’t how decisional capacity works.

The “Why” Behind the “What:” Shrinking Brain and Memory Loss

Brain shrinkage happens in dementia and is the root cause for many of the problematic behaviors.

I explain how the shrinking brain causes many of the repetitive questions and behaviors that caregivers find frustrating.

How Caregiver “Vibes” Can Affect Persons with Dementia

Your moods can be felt by the person with dementia.

Crash Course in Dementia-Centric Communication

Dementia-Centric Communication Dementia-centric communication is the ability to interact with people who have dementia in a respectful and meaningful way. I hear, over and over again, “I don’t know what to say to a person with dementia.” “What if I do something wrong?” Fear not, I am here to help […]

Bladder Infections Trigger Increased Irritability (and other behaviors!) in Persons with Dementia

Caregivers or care partners are often surprised when their loved one with dementia suddenly becomes irritable, nasty, even physically violent. A bladder infection, also known as a urinary tract infection, may be the culprit.

Is my spouse turning into a jerk or is it dementia?

Frontotemporal Dementia & The Jerk Factor When I say “dementia,” most people think “Alzheimer’s Disease.” The truth is that in people under 65, the more common dementia is “frontotemporal dementia” for FTD. FTD refers to a spectrum of neurodegenerative diseases that include behavioral, motor, and/or speech symptoms. The one I am talking […]

Dementia and “Entering Their Reality:” Combining Elements of Truth with Preserving Dignity

Think of “Entering Their Reality” as a gentle and kind approach to delivering truth with dignity

Crankiness and Irritability in Persons with Dementia

There is a very good reason why people with dementia may seem more irritable or cranky: “laid off” workers!

Should I Educate My Wife About Her Alzheimer’s?

“My wife is in stage 4 Alzheimer’s. She is in denial about her Alzheimer’s. Should I remind her that she has Alzheimer’s and educate her about the disease?”

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