gun safety and dementia

Guns and Dementia: No Brainer?

It may seem like common sense to remove firearms from the house of a person with dementia. Especially if you have observed prior instances of unsafe behavior. But what happens when the person with dementia reports the guns as stolen? Read more for pre-emptive strategies and approaches for both family members and law enforcement.


Dementia and Pain

People with dementia DO feel pain. They may be unable to tell you in words, but they are communicating in other ways!

3 Ways to Get a Person with Dementia to Take Their Medications

"I don't need to take that medication. There is nothing wrong with me." Sound familiar? 1. Are the Medications ABSOLUTELY Necessary? At least once a week I'm on the phone with a family caregiver dealing with that issue. One of the first things I talk about is which meds we can safely stop. Did you…

The Why Behind the What: Refusals Based on Fear

People with dementia experience fear differently from you and me. This blog explains why and provides ways for caregivers to handle this overactive fear response.\

Helpful Hints for Handling Refusals: Dressing

This blog builds on information covered in some other blogs: Care refusals based on fear Preventing care-resistant/care refusal behavior Handling care refusals in real time In this blog, I will show you how to¬†tailor these general approaches to specific situations where you may have, or have already encountered, care refusals or resistance. "Let's Get Dressed"…

10 Strategies for Handling Care Refusals in the Moment

10 ways to get around "no" and "I already did that"!

10 Tested Ways to Avoid Care Refusals

You can prevent care refusals by allowing as much self-care as possible and treating the person with dementia like an adult.

Brain shrinkage happens in dementia and is the root cause for many of the problematic behaviors.

The “Why” Behind the “What:” Shrinking Brain and Memory Loss

I explain how the shrinking brain causes many of the repetitive questions and behaviors that caregivers find frustrating.

Dementia and “Entering Their Reality:” Combining Elements of Truth with Preserving Dignity

Think of "Entering Their Reality" as a gentle and kind approach to delivering truth with dignity

Dementia and Disasters…What May Happen and How to Handle the Behavior(s)

Formal and family caregivers of persons with dementia are dealing with the realities of Hurricane Harvey right now. As if their jobs were not difficult enough.