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Reversible Causes of Memory Problems

Not all brain problems are dementia

Dementia cannot be cured, yet there are stories all over the internet about a drug or supplement or program that cured dementia. A reversible problem causing memory problems was probably the culprit!

No Diet Can Cure Dementia!

My sister reached out to me yesterday about diet and dementia. She found a recent story circulating on FB about how family members “cured” an 82-year-old woman’s dementia. “I want to hear what Rita has to say.” Thank you, Margo! This blog is dedicated to my sister, my Aunt Peg […]

Dementia “Fakers”: 8 Fixable Problems That Can Cause Memory Problems

There are several illnesses and substances that can cause memory loss, especially in older adults. Read here for those dementia “pretenders.”

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