Halloween and Dementia: 4 Helpful Tips

Halloween marks the beginning of the fall and winter holidays. I will be posting more content about holidays and dementia. Here are some simple ideas and tips for CarePartners to  have a safe and sane (ok, as sane as possible) holiday. 1. Play to Your Loved One's Strengths The best way to have an enjoyable…


Dear Seagull: An Open Letter to Those Who Want to Question My Care

The next time you feel compelled to criticize or undermine my care, close your mouth and open your checkbook. 

Dementia and Pain: Fixing the Cause

Once you realize that the person with dementia is having pain, the next step is to address the pain.


Dementia and Pain

People with dementia DO feel pain. They may be unable to tell you in words, but they are communicating in other ways!

No Diet Can Cure Dementia!

My sister reached out to me yesterday about diet and dementia. She found a recent story circulating on FB about how family members "cured" an 82-year-old woman's dementia. "I want to hear what Rita has to say." Thank you, Margo! This blog is dedicated to my sister, my Aunt Peg and other FB friends who…

Upcoming Event

Make your plans to attend this free training conference in Pelham, AL. Registration is available online at http://www.m4a.org/register. The deadline is Sept. 30.

caring for my family member with demetia

Paid Caregivers: Agency or Personal Hire?

You need help. You cannot keep caring by yourself. Do you hire someone from an agency or find someone yourself? Agency Pros The agency, not you, deals with payroll, taxes, benefits, and workmen's compensation.The agency conducts relevant background checks and interviews.The agency handles staffing schedules, including replacements for call-ins.The agency should be licensed (if required…

Vacations, Travel, and Dementia

"I really want to travel or go on vacation with my family member who has dementia. What do you think?" My response is, "It depends on a couple of things." Did the Person Living with Dementia Enjoy Traveling? This may seem like a silly question, but it is really important. I personally love to BE…

How to Get a Person with Dementia to Drink More Water

It's summer, it's hot outside, and dehydration can sneak up on a person with dementia. Even "mild" dehydration can cause confusion. And urinary tract infections (NO!!!!!!!!) How do you get a person with dementia to drink more water? Check out these ideas. Offer Small Sips How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a…

Sex, Intimacy, and Dementia

The reality is, we are all sexual beings and we all want to feel wanted and loved.